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Computer Service & Repair

Serving BOSTON'S Metro West Communities

Wayland Computer offers complete In-Home and In-Office computer Repair, Service and Training to home and business users in the metro west, Boston area.  No Geeks... No Nerds...  No Squads...  No Dogs...


Whether your needs are as basic as setting up a new printer or email, or as complex as installing a complete network, let Wayland Computer help you get the most out of your computer!

Besides routine computer troubleshooting and repair, Wayland Computer also specializes in bringing new technologies such as video, audio and networking to the home or business user.  We have extensive experience with all types of specialty installations involving, Video, Mobile Devices, Pocket PC's, Speech Recognition, Accounting Software, Desktop Publishing, Web Site Design, Bar Code Scanning  and many other technologies for the home office and small business user.


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Advantage Wayland Computer

Wayland Computer offers the advantage of being a local, privately owned business who knows your problems and issues.  And when you call back, you get the same person who is already familiar with your problem and knows your computer as well as your needs.  We are not a national franchise with a high turnover of young Computer Geeks that come and go with the seasons.  We offer free phone and email support and you will not wait weeks for an answer or reply.  And when we schedule an appointment, we don't give you a 5 hour window of when we will arrive.  We are there within 15 minutes of our appointed time.  If you  prefer, we also offer Free Pickup and Delivery and will usually have your repaired computer back to you within 24 hours or less. 



Wayland Computer understands just how important your computer is to you.  So, for you users that really need to stay up and running and simply can NOT do without, we even offer loaner computers as well as backup internet service while you are waiting for Comcast or Verizon to arrive to repair your internet service.  No other service provider can offer this kind of personal service.


Call Today to discuss your needs

bulletNew Installations



Check out our "DID YOU KNOW?" section for the latest in computer technology

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F.A.Q. has answers to many questions

This Month - Setting up a Wireless Network

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Top Internet Downloads

bulletSpyWare removal tool
bulletAntiVirus Software
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Technical Support Information

Technical support is offered 7 days per week   8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (EST).
Phone : (508) 358-2792
Email  : support@waylandcomputer.com


Custom Built Computers

Wayland Computer now offers Custom Built Computers designed to meet special needs.  Installed, Setup and all your data moved from your old computer to the new one.   Free In-Home service and maintenance for a full year.  Call for details


       In-Home Service

No Hidden Service Fees

No Travel Charges

Low Minimums

Wayland Computer specializes in affordable in-home computer service at prices that are often less than taking your computer into a local repair shop.  We don't feel that you should have to pay more than the price of new computer just to fix a simple problem.  Low minimum charge and No travel fees.  If it can not be fixed, then you pay nothing.



Online Support

Many repairs and maintenance routines can now be performed online with our new remote software.  As long as you have a working Internet connection, we may be able solve many problems without the need for a service call.

Call or email for more information

      all for only $45/hr*

(*Must have working broadband connection)




bulletIn-Home Computer Service
bulletTraining and Instruction
bulletPhone Technical Support
bulletIn-Office Network Service
bulletPickup & Delivery Repair
bulletmore . . .



*Price only available to Wayland, Wellesley, Weston, Sudbury, Framingham and Natick customers.  Travel surcharge may apply for service calls to other towns.


Training - Learn to use Excel, Word or other applications   Call Today For In-Home Training



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